Mailing Services

Mailing Services

USPS Full Service Postal Presorting

As a USPS Full Service mailer our presorting services save you money on postage and speed delivery time.

Our advanced mail presort technology lets us barcode and presort your mail according to USPS regulations. Presorted mail is easier and faster for the USPS to process. The ease of processing allows the Postal Service to charge us, and you, less postage. Whether it's first-class or standard mail, we get you the best possible postage rates.

In order to accurately process mail and integrate it into the mail stream, we will CASS certify, DPV (delivery point validate) and NCOA (national change of address) move update your mail, and sort into the most accurate 'final destination' ZIP code. Once sorted by ZIP, the mail is put into trays and delivered to the USPS for mailing at a discounted rate on your behalf. You will even receive an additional discount because we are USPS Full Service.

CASS Certification

CASS is a United States Postal Service (USPS) acronym for Coding Accuracy Support System. The term CASS is widely used by the USPS when they refer to the verification status of an address list. In order for an address list to receive CASS certification, it must be checked against the USPS Address Matching System (AMS) CD-ROM, and the 11-digit delivery point ZIP code and corresponding barcode must be added. Only addresses with the delivery point ZIP code and barcode are eligible for "automation" bulk mailing rates. A mailing list must undergo address verification every six months (every three months for carrier route mailings) and is particularly important to mailers because of the difference between the "automation" and "non-automation" mailing rates, which is about $.05 per piece. For a 10,000 piece mailing, CASS certification of the address list could save the mailer approximately $500.

Our mailing services department uses the latest CASS certification technology (in-house) to help our customers keep the cost of their mailings as low as possible and to ensure a high percentage of delivery success.

Mail Tracking

After we drop your mail at the Post Office, how do you know when the mail starts getting scanned? When it reaches its destination?

Simply log into your supplied tracking link and start viewing your results from the very first IM barcode scan (origin point) all the way to the final destination. Your jobs results are available 24/7 and updated each hour. Job reports auto refresh every 60 seconds! The results can be viewed via pinpoints on a free Google Map so you can see the exact travel points of the mailpiece through the USPS postal stream.

INKJET address

Sometimes you just need an address printed on a mailer. That's where our state-of-the-art inkjet address service comes into play. Your mail pieces are addressed at speeds up to 15,000 pieces per hour. Not only are they addressed but they are in USPS sort order too.


Whether a simple, one-page sales letter in an envelope or a multi-piece marketing kit, Loris Printing can put it all together for you accurately and fast. Our high-speed automatic inserter allows us to handle very large mailings. We've also perfected a fast and accurate method of hand insertion for those projects which cannot be done by machine.

Postage Discounts

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers significant discounts for volume business mailings and nonprofit organizations. These discounts apply to basically all types of business mail and can significantly reduce the cost of postage at your company.

When you work with a mailing services specialist at Loris Printing, you can be sure you'll receive the lowest postage rate and the best possible delivery times.

Unlike traditional mailing houses, we're unique because we have the ability to take your mailing piece from design through delivery to the post office. We specialize in mailing services project management. Why would you want to have your mailing project designed at one place, printed at another, and then mailed at a third place? We can save you significant time—and hassles—when you let us manage the entire print and mail process for you.

Qualifying for discounts
To qualify for mailing discounts, your mailer must meet certain guidelines set by the USPS. Generally speaking, your piece must meet size restrictions (length, width, and thickness), weight restrictions, and design/layout requirements. We strongly recommend discussing these details BEFORE you have your mail piece printed.

Nonprofit mail
A qualified nonprofit organization is entitled to significant mailing discounts over standard mailing rates.

Presorting - IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode)
Presorted mail that is sorted by ZIP code and imprinted with a barcode prior to delivery to the post office can save you money. The USPS gives discounts to companies who participate in their "revenue sharing program" (that's really what they call it). In order to receive these discounts, your mail must be CASS certified, sorted, trayed, tagged, sleeved, and strapped... all services we provide.

Tab Sealing

Tabs, sometimes called wafer seals, are a USPS requirement that must be applied to all self-mailers. Tabs prevent the open edge of your mailer from jamming the Postal Service's high-speed processing equipment. Our mailing services department can apply one or two tab seals easily as part of our inline mail processing capabilities. We recommend our standard translucent tab which allows images under it to show.

Post Office Delivery

When your mailing is completed, we deliver it directly to the post office for you. We are a USPS Full Service mailer which means we no longer deliver USPS paperwork, just a simple sheet with a barcode for the clerk to scan. We have a lot of experience working with the bulk mail department at the post office. We strongly suggest you allow us to work with the post office on your behalf.

Allowing us to handle your mailing project from concept to post office delivery is a smooth, one-step process that saves you time, money, and stress.

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